Employment Services

Employment Services (ES)- program provides comprehensive recruiting, job search, and related services to businesses and job seekers to connect employers seeking workers and individuals seeking employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Through the Texas workforce commission and AACOG’s Employment Services team, individuals are partnered with local employers based on their strengths to then provide a unique and tailored employment experience.

Employment Assistance helps people locate paid, individualized, competitive employment in the community, and includes helping the person identify:

*employment preferences, job skills, and work requirements and conditions; and

*prospective employers who offer employment compatible with the person's identified preferences, skills, and work requirements and conditions.

Supported Employment is provided to a person who has paid, individualized, competitive employment in a setting that includes non-disabled workers to help him or her sustain that employment. It includes individualized support services consistent with the person-directed plan, as well as supervision and training.

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Job Placement and Job Coaching 
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Resume Writing ServicesResume Writing Services
Work Readiness Training
Work Readiness Training
Autism SupportsAutism

Looking to HIRE for a job?
If you are a business leader and are interested in hiring a person with IDD or a developmental disability (DD) or you are interested in exploring the option of carving out a job at your company and hiring a person with IDD/DD, please contact Dana Lewis at dlewis@aacog.com.