REPAC Subcommittees

The REPAC subcommittees serve various functions, such as assisting with reviewing SHSP grant applications and providing technical expertise to emergency management offices around the region. 
Subcommittee Chair Vice-Chair
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Chris Stokes Jeffery Moore
Emergency Management and Community Preparedness Keith Lutz Carey Reed
Emergency Response - Fire Kade Long Ray Hacker
Emergency Response - Law Enforcement Johnny Siemens Louis Lopez
Interoperable Communications Robert Adelman Jeff Wendling
IT/Fusion Center Barrett Hanks Jeffery Fincke
Hospital/EMS/Medical Eric Epley Mark Bennett
Public Health and Agriculture Sammy Sikes Roger Pollok
Strategic Planning Jeffrey Dean Leigh Middleton

SHSP Applicant Meetings

Subcommittee Date: Time:
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources N/A N/A
Emergency Management and Community Preparedness Jan. 21 10:00 am
Emergency Response - Fire Jan. 24 10:30 am
Emergency Response - Law Enforcement Jan. 20 9:00 am
Interoperable Communications Jan. 20 2:30 pm
IT/Fusion Center Jan. 19 12:30 pm
Hospital/EMS/Medical N/A N/A
Public Health and Agriculture N/A N/A
Strategic Planning N/A N/A

FY2022 Subcommittee Priorities

Emergency Response - Law Enforcement

  1. Negotiations (equipment and training)
  2. Active shooter response
  3. License plate readers (with regional applicability)
  4. Terrorism training

IT/Fusion Center

  1. WebEOC
  2. Mass communications
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Fusion Center

Emergency Response - Fire

  2. Active shooter 
  3. Technical rescue
  4. Wildland

Interoperable Communications

  1. AACOG Regional Interoperability Communications Coordinator (RICC)
  2. WAVE Network
  3. P25 infrastructure enhancements
  4. Regional response platforms and teams
  5. Encryption
  6. Subscriber equipment
Applicants will be notified of subcommittee assignment once applications are submitted. Please contact for meeting locations and details. 

Subcommittee Documents: