How can I become a local revenue provider?
Review the Open Enrollment Application (found in Provider Resources) for a description of the requirements and submittal process. If you have questions, contact the IDDS Client Rights Officer at (210) 832-5020.

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1. Who is Eligible for IDD Services?
2. When will I be eligible for services?
3. Who is my service coordinator?
4. What is an EDA?
5. At what age can my child be tested for developmental delays?
6. I am in a Medicaid-waiver program and I want to transfer to another county, whom should I contact?
7. How do you request services through the IDDS?
8. I received a letter from the Social Security office. Can someone help me with making sure I respond appropriately to the request?
9. Can an individual receive emergency services from the IDDS, such as respite services, if noted to have developmental disabilities but not yet tested or determined to be eligible for service
10. How can I become a local revenue provider?
11. What is PASRR?
12. Where do I fax the PASRR Level 1 (PL1) Screening Form?