What do I do when I need a ride home in an emergency?

If you are eligible and qualified, simply call a cab or other ride-for-hire service of your choice and arrange to get a ride home. Make sure you ask the driver for a receipt showing the cab company’s name, date and time of your trip, the addresses where you were picked up and dropped off (origin and destination), the driver’s name or ID number, and the ride fare amount. If you work more than 12 miles from where you live you have an additional option to arrange to take a rental car home, but do be aware that obtaining a rental car may take longer to arrange because you must be picked up and taken to a rental facility to complete paperwork and get a car, you will be responsible for paying for fuel, and you will need to return the car within the allotted time period to avoid additional fees. Upon returning the car, make sure you obtain a receipt that shows the rental agency’s name, the address at which you were picked up to be taken to the rental facility, the date and time of your rental and return, and the basic rental fee. Within a week of your emergency ride home, select the CARE Program from your the list of rewards available through your NuRide account. A coupon form for reimbursement will be emailed to you. Just fill it in and mail it with your receipt to the address on the form.

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