What is the Clean Cities Annual Report?
Each year, Clean Cities Coalitions nationwide collect information on the use of cleaner transportation options in order to document the growing use of alternative fuels, vehicles, and fuel saving technologies in their regions. One of the responsibilities of Clean Cities Coalitions is to track the number of fleets using alternative fuel vehicles so we can annually report the millions of gallons of gasoline that are displaced nationwide. To do this, however, we need the help of our stakeholders to fill out the Clean Cities Annual Survey.

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1. What is Clean Cities?
2. What are the goals of Clean Cities?
3. Who can become a Clean Cities Stakeholder?
4. Where can I go to find alternative fueling stations in San Antonio?
5. Where can I find information about alternative fuels and electric vehicle charging infrastructure?
6. What is the Clean Cities Annual Report?
7. What do you do with the data collected from the Annual Survey?